Transwest Air has an extensive fleet of over 40 fixed wing aircraft and helicopters, adapted for use on dry land, water and snow.

Saab 340A/B

Transwest Air operates one Saab 340A and two Saab 340B's in its fleet. The Saab is a 34-seat twin turboprop aircraft, featuring comfortable leather seats, attendant service, a galley, and a lavatory. It carries a maximum payload of 3,402kg (7,500lb) or 34 passengers with a range of 1,685km. The Saab has an economical cruising speed of 260 knots (484 km/h) and a maximum cruising speed of 278 knots (515 km/h).

Transwest Air uses the Saab 340 on scheduled service flights and also for charters in North America. When flying, do it in comfort and style!

Beechcraft 1900

Transwest Air operates one Beechcraft 1900 D in its fleet. The 1900 is a 19 passenger, twin engine turbo prop aircraft that can reach cruising speeds up to 300mph (480km/h). This versatile airplane can be configured for scheduled service, passenger transportation, med-evac and has very large cargo capacity for freight.

King Air 350

Arrive in style with the ultimate in comfort and class aboard the King Air 350. This 9 passenger King Air 350 can reach speeds of 555km/h and has a fuel range of 1440 nm fully loaded with passengers.

For your next meeting ask yourself, why would I be at the mercy of the commercial airlines, when I can arrive in my own private charter? No security, no working around the commercial airlines schedule, I can come and go as I please!

King Air 300

Cruise in comfort and style in the King Air 300. The 8 passenger King Air 300 can reach speeds of 570 km/h and has a fuel range of 1570nm! Phoenix for a round of golf anyone? How about a shopping trip to Toronto Non-Stop! Fast, affordable and the ultimate in comfort are a few words to describe the King Air 300.

King Air 200

Transwest Air operates one King Air 200 aircraft. This versatile twin engine turbo prop with an air-conditioned and pressurized cabin, seats seven passengers comfortably. The King Air 200 can operate at speeds up to 285 mph, and can be configured for scheduled service, cargo, passenger or med-evac operations. This aircraft features aesthetics and quality that any customer would appreciate.

King Air 100

Transwest Air operates two King Air 100 aircraft. This versatile nine-passenger aircraft can operate at speeds up to 250 mph. The King Air is a pressurized turbo prop, and can be configured for scheduled service, cargo, passenger or med-evac operations. One King Air is leased from the Fond Du Lac First Nation Development Corp and is part of a larger business partnership.

DHC-6 Twin Otter

We have four Twin Otters in our fleet. The Twin Otter can seat 12 to 15 passengers comfortably. It has a top speed of 150 mph. It has a 52" x 58" (130 cm x 145 cm) cargo door. Maximum payload (with passengers) ranges from 1800-2900 lbs. The Twin Otter can operate on wheels, skis, or floats.

DHC-3 Turbo Otter

Transwest Air has one turbo otters. The Turbo Otter cruises at 130 mph, and can operate in a wide variety of conditions. It is equipped with floats in the summer, and wheels/skis in the winter. The Turbo Otter can carry 9 passengers, or up to 2,600 lbs of freight.

DHC-2 Beaver

There are eight Beaver aircraft in our fleet. Our Beavers can seat five to six comfortably. It has a top speed of 105 mph. It has a cargo capacity of 1,500 lbs. All can operate on wheels, skis, or floats.

Transwest Air also has one Turbo Beaver in our fleet.

Piper Navajo

Transwest Air now has 13 Piper Navajos in its fleet. Each can seat up to seven. It has a top speed of 195 mph and a cargo capacity of 2,000 lbs. Our Navajos are based in La Ronge, Stony Rapids, Fond du Lac, and Wollaston Lake, and are used primarily on charter service but also serve the northern routes of our scheduled service.

Cessna 185

Transwest Air operates four Cessna 185s. The 185 will carry three passengers plus gear, and flies at a speed of 120 mph. These versatile aircraft operate on floats in the summer and on wheels/skis during the winter. This aircraft is ideal for timber or game surveys and regular charter work.


Transwest Air currently has three Bell 206 JetRangers, one Bell 206L LongRanger, one Bell 205 and one Bell 407 in our helicopter fleet. Transwest Air's Bell 407 is the only one of its kind operating in Saskatchewan currently.

Bell 206 Jetranger

A general purpose helicopter with a cruising speed of 100mph and a range of 3 hours.

The Jet Ranger can seat 3 passengers comfortably, and lift approximately 800 pounds on a longline.

Bell 206 LIV Longranger

The Bell 206L4 is the most recent addition to the Transwest Air Helicopter fleet, and nicely fills the gap in respects to performance between the Bell 206L and our Bell 407.

The L4 offers the same seating configuration as the Bell 206L but offers additional lifting capabilities. The maximum all up internal gross take-off weight is 4450 lbs, with a maximum all up external gross take-off weight of 4550 lbs. The helicopter is nicely equipped for external load operations including a logging window for winter vertical reference operations.

Bell 407

The full integration of speed, performance and maneuverability. Reliable beyond measure. Outfitted with a spacious cabin that seats up to six, configurable for an array of tasks and payloads. For an incredibly smooth ride in virtually all conditions and a four bladed router system that can accommodate any longline job that is presented. The 407 is the first choice of those who put outstanding service and safety first.

The Bell 407's empty weight is just over 3000lbs and is capable of having a max internal load capability of 5250lbs. Its max external load capability is rated at 6000lbs.

Bell 205 A1++

A multipurpose helicopter that is versatile in handling any remote job throughout Saskatchewan. The Bell 205 can be configured to seat up to 14 passengers, one to two pilots, or 4000lb of cargo internally, giving it a max internal lift of 10,200lbs. The helicopters empty weight is just over 6000lb and its max takeoff weight for a useful external load is 10,500lb.The maximum speed that the 205 can do is 204km/h and has a cruising speed of 180km/h and has a range of 553km.

The Bell 205 can be used for a variety of reasons, from cargo lifting, fuel hauls, drilling rig moves, medevac services and aerial fire fighting.

Transwest Air's helicopters are commonly used for:

  • Forest fire suppression
  • Geo-technical and drill rig support
  • Urban construction
  • Powerline and pipeline patrol
  • Med-evac
  • Passenger transport
  • Crew changes in remote locations
  • Sightseeing rides
  • Aerial photography and cinematography
  • General cargo slinging

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