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Travel Information and FAQs

Below are common questions asked by our customers. If the answer you need isn't here or elsewhere on the web site, please use the Contact Us page.

    • Can I bring my pet on board with me?
      • All animals travel in the cargo hold of the aircraft. Due to the limited space in the cabins of our aircraft and the possibility of allergic reactions, animals will not be transported in the cabin area. The only exception is for registered special service animals that assist customers with a disability, provided they have a registered training certificate.

      All animals must be transported in an approved hard shell carrier, supplied by the owner..

      Live animals can travel one of two ways:

      • As baggage: The animal must be travelling on the same flight as the passenger. The animal is counted as the first piece of luggage, and after weighing within the approved kennel, the animal’s weight is counted toward the passenger’s 75 pound weight allowance, as per Transwest Air policy. Cost is $20 handling fee plus GST.
      • As freight/cargo:  We do not accept live animals as freight/cargo

      Please note that animal travel may be limited, and/or refused due to any of the following:

      • Embargoes;
      • Temperature (when they exceed recommended safe temperatures for transporting animals);
      • Aircraft type;
      • Cargo demand.

      It may be necessary for you to modify your travel plans and reservation to accommodate your pet.

    • Does Transwest Air provide in-flight food and drink service?

      Yes, but only on flights when a flight attendant is present. Coffee, water, juice, soft drinks and a variety of snacks (including healthy options) are complimentary.

    • How does Transwest Air track my luggage?

      We use individually numbered bag tags with passenger name, address, and contact phone number. We enter the bag tag ID numbers into the computer, which are attached to your passenger file, directly tying that bag number to you.

    • What do I do if my luggage did not show up at my destination or is damaged?

      We try our best to handle your luggage with the utmost care but sometimes things happen beyond our control. Luggage is designed to protect its contents.

      In the course of normal handling, your luggage will acquire evidence of use such as minor cuts, scratches, dents or soil. We are not responsible for this type of damage or any of the following:

      • Broken wheels or feet
      • Damage due to over packing or oversized bags
      • Damage due to the use of non-standard baggage
      • Damage to pull handles
      • Items of fragile or perishable nature
      • Lost pull straps, or
      • Manufacturer's defects

      Report to the nearest Customer Service Agent as soon as you are aware of missing or damaged luggage, and before leaving the airport. At that time, our Agent will issue a Baggage Irregularity Report for us to keep on file. This report is issued across the entire company to track down your luggage. All lost, damaged, delayed or missing luggage/property must be reported to Transwest Air within 24 hours of occurrence.

    • What items can I bring onboard as carry on or in checked baggage?

      Fish finders & tackle boxes are not allowed as carry-on baggage on Transwest Air. All other items are at the discretion of the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA). Click here (external link) for their list of Permitted and Prohibited Items. This list is for reference only, and can change without notice. As well, the discretion of the CATSA screening personnel may supercede this list.

      Transwest Air cannot be held responsible for CATSA personnel decisions.

    • When should I check in?

      Transwest Air passengers should check in at least one hour prior to departure. Passengers holding confirmed reservations must check in with a Transwest Air representative no later than 30 minutes prior to Scheduled departure. Failure to do so may forfeit your seat to a standby passenger.

    • Would you please explain your fares and the taxes I must pay?

      The base fare is our seat price, not including taxes and fees. The following fees may be added, depending on destination and departure point: Passenger Facility Fee (PFF), Airport Improvement Fees (AIF), Common Usage (CU), Nav Canada, Fuel Surcharge and the Air Traveller Security Tax (ATSC). The Goods and Service Tax (GST) will be added to both the fare and fees.

    • How much luggage can I check in?

      Transwest Air Baggage Allowance is based on fare purchased, please feel free to contact a customer service representative to get all baggage allowances for all fares provided. Excess charges will be assessed on any amount exceeding these limits and will travel at lower priority.

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